Meet Tracey

traceylawton4webMy journey to solopreneurship began in November 2001 when I discovered the virtual assistant profession.  I’d reached a cross-roads in my life where I just knew that there had to be something better I could do that would still allow me the challenge and satisfaction of earning a living but, most importantly, would allow me to put my young family first … to be around for them during the school holidays or if one of them was sick without having to make arrangements for someone else to look after them.

It was around this time that a copy of Office Secretary landed on my desk at work and, picking it up to glance through it, I saw an article on virtual assistants.  My immediate reaction was “I can do this; this is what I’ve been looking for!”  So I quite literally did.  I started my virtual assistant practice right then in November 2001 and handed in my notice to my very secure local government employer in January 2002.

I originally set out running a Virtual Assistant practice but quickly realized that I did so much more for my clients … in fact I operated as their Online Business Manager (but didn’t know this at the time).  I’d been working at a high level as an Office Manager for many years so was highly experienced in business management and managing systems and processes.

Today, as well as providing OBM support to just one seven-figure client, I also specialize in teaching solopreneurs how to run and manage their own online businesses which supports the lifestyle that they desire.  I do this by leading them, step-by-step, in creating their office organization, online marketing, and multiple streams of income systems through my home-study training materials, group training programs, and one-on-one private consulting programs.

My Mission:  To empower solo business owners to live the lifestfyle they desire by learning how to manage their online business and leverage their expertise.

Since starting out in November 2001, I’ve seen technology change, new marketing strategies come into play, and the online business world explode … and fully embraced all of it.  I love to learn something new and implement a new technology!  And then I turn right around and teach what I’ve found works to my clients.

I’ve worked with and supported clients at all different income levels too, from those clients just starting out in their business, to those clients have have six-figure, seven-figure, and multiple seven figure businesses.  The systems and support needed at each business growth stage is very different, and I’ve learned a lot during my 13+ years in business. You can read some of my Client Success Stories here.

I now focus specifically on working with business owners whose annual revenues are between $0 and $75,000, helping them get the right systems in place so that they have a solid business foundation for when they’re ready to take their business into the six-figure realm and beyond.

Today, I live in a small town in north-west Ohio with my husband, three boys, and two cats.  We moved here from Birmingham (UK) in the summer of 2002, and enjoy our new life here very much.  We have a lot of family time together, enjoying summer vacations and long weekends away, and when I do get the time I enjoy to scrapbook and garden (gardening in the US is very different to the UK!).

The professional stuff:  I have a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Business Studies, as well as several secretarial and IT-related diplomas.  And I constantly enroll myself in training programs so that I am always learning.