It’s OPEN – Spring Business Building Giveaway Event

Spring giveaway square FINAL 250 X 235The Build Your Brilliant Business: Spring Giveaway is now OPEN!

I’m excited to be one of the business professionals participating in this special spring giveaway. We’re a group of business coaches and professionals who want to support entrepreneurs like you by providing the tools you need to ensure that your 2016 gets off to a brilliant start.

These tools are available absolutely FREE – but only if you act now. Follow the link below between March 7th – 26th and see the amazing talent that has come together to offer their knowledge and expertise at no cost to you.

Click here to get your giveaways

Here are just a few of the business-building gifts that are part of this event:

  • Ways Doodling Attracts More Clients
  • 101 Ways to Attract (and keep) an Abundance of Clients
  • Your Interactive Teleclass Planner Guide
  • Guide to Marketing Your Book
  • How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make
  • Savvy Seminars: Creating and Marketing Successful Group Programs

Remember, the link above is only active March 7th – 26th so make sure that you download your gifts today.

List Building Teleclass

School for Online Business SuccessList building! It’s something we, as business owners, obsess over.

It doesn’t matter whether your list is on a hand-written piece of paper with all of your contacts & colleagues information on it.

Or it’s something more advanced, such as part of an automated online marketing system.

The point is, without a list of potential clients available at your fingertips, it’s going to be very hard for you to build your business and generate the kind of revenue that you want to generate.

Years ago, before we all became such a technologically-dependent world, business owners used Rolodexes to keep a track of their contact data … and yes I remember those days!

But these days, list building has become much more advanced and complex with the use of online list management services to collect names, email addresses, and all kinds of contact information on our behalf.

And, as is the nature of list building, there will be a certain amount of attrition too, especially at certain times of the year.

So, if you’re not actively building your list on a daily basis then, eventually, it will shrink … and may even become stagnant.

However, as with everything you do, if you approach your list building activities in a consistent and systemized way, then you will see your contact database begin to grow, even at those certain times of years when you naturally lose subscribers.

Want to know how to start and systemize your list building activities?

Then I invite you to join me for a complimentary webinar, next Tuesday, March 1st at 12:30 pm Eastern.

You can register and get all the details here >>>

Let’s Work on Your 2016 Plan Together

Business Planning SuccessI know many of you are just getting back into the flow of work again this week and are probably thinking about the upcoming year … what you’re going to be doing, what you’ll be offering etc.?

If you’re a bit like the deer in the headlights and are not quite sure what you’ll be doing this year, let me offer you a solution to get everything all mapped out…

Business Planning Success:
Create Your 90-Day P.R.O.F.I.T. Plans to Make More Money

This is the same formula I teach my private clients to do — chunking down their annual vision into 90-day blocks of time — and it is what I use myself in my own business.

Just look at what you’ll have accomplished at the end of our time together…

  • Create a “Big Picture” Vision for your business so you know exactly what you are working towards.
  • A realistic 2016 desired revenue goal based off your 2015 knowledge – no more pie-in-the-sky numbers that are not realistic or unattainable.
  • A clear path for your clients to take so that you continue to move them through your sales funnel.
  • An overview of your 2016 plans so you have a clear idea of what is happening and when.
  • A specific 90-day plan so you know exactly what to do each month / week / day to build your business.
  • New-found knowledge and skills so that you can continue to plan out your 2016 in 90-day blocks of time.

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This is a unique, 5-day program that utilizes practical exercises combined with private email support from me. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to to get your 5-day curriculum.
  2. Read day one’s lesson, and then send me your question(s) via a special email address. This is private, one-on-one email support, so you know your questions (and my answers) are confidential.
  3. I will reply with my answers, feedback, comments, and suggestions.
  4. Complete day one’s assignment and send it to me for grading.
  5. I will grade your assignment for you.
  6. Move on to day two, and repeat steps 2-5 until all five lessons are complete.

It’s a simple, no-fuss, program where we get to work together personally and the focus is on YOU and YOUR business.

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This Is The First Step In Your Online Marketing System

School for Online Business SuccessWhen creating your automated online marketing system, the very foundation of your system should be your Content Marketing System – from there you are able to build out your system and incorporate many different online and offline marketing strategies.

But it all starts with your content.

And this month in the Online Marketing Systems … Made Easy program, I’ll be teaching you exactly how to:

Create Your Content Marketing System

During this 45-minute Lunch ‘n’ Learn training you will learn:

  • Why having a content marketing system is so important to the health of your business.
  • The #1 mistake many business owners make without even realizing it when it comes to publishing their content.
  • What two things you should include on every piece of content that you publish.

Plus you will also get access to your Content Tracking Spreadsheet to ensure you stay on track with your content marketing system.

Go here to activate your membership TODAY:

What Does Picking Out a Tile Backsplash Have to do With Online Marketing?

My husband is going to put a lovely new tile backsplash in my kitchen. So yesterday afternoon I went to a local tiling store to pick out what I’d like.

They showed me rack after rack of different tile samples — round ones, square ones, rectangle ones, squashed hexagon ones. And then there were glass, metal, ceramic, and porcelain options too. My head was spinning with all the different choices.

I jokingly said to the assistant, “Can’t you just show me three choices and I’ll pick one!”.

And this is how it is when it comes to your online marketing too.

There are just so many choices out there, that you’re left feeling totally overwhelmed and you just don’t know what to do first.

So you do what someone has recommended you do — even if it’s not the best choice for your business!

Well I have a solution for you…

I’m doing a free webinar training at the end of this month and I will walk you through the basics of creating your online marketing system.

It will be a great starting point for setting up your systems.

I’ll show you:

  • The three essential elements for an online marketing system.
  • A super-simple strategy for taking your existing content and distributing it across several different marketing platforms … automatically!
  • The best marketing strategies for a solo-service business professional, like yourself.

You can register and get all the details here >>>

The webinar is LIVE, so space is limited.

OPEN NOW! 7th Annual Done4You Giveaway

dfy2015-bannerIt’s that time again… it’s the most anticipated event of the year.

For the 7th year in a row, the Done4You Giveaway of the Century is here with DONE-FOR-YOU business services and products — all FREE. No hype. No gimmick. All legitimate. All at no cost to you.

And it’s open NOW!

Click here to get your gifts now!

Hosted by Linda Claire Puig and Kim Clausen, this event brings together industry leaders and service providers to collectively give away this year more than $2 million in actual DONE-FOR-YOU products and services — all to help make doing business easier.

That’s DONE-FOR-YOU, as in things you don’t have to create or do yourself!

Here’s just a SAMPLING of the AMAZING products and services being given away (50+ gifts!):

  • Brand identity + website design
  • Copywriting
  • Sales scripts
  • Custom Facebook ads
  • Logo design
  • Promotional emails that convert
  • Ready2Go articles
  • TV interviews
  • Custom product launch plans
  • JV pitch makeovers
  • Done4You teleseminars
  • Opt-in gift creation
  • And much, MUCH more!

(I’m giving away a Teleclass Planner.)

Get over to the giveaway now!