Learn How to Manage YOUR Business

Manage Mary…

“Setting up systems so I don’t panic.”

“Haven’t developed a system to capture leads and upsell clients.”

“Where to start … figure out what goes first, last, or in the middle.”

Where you are right now…

As a Manage Mary, you’re a solopreneur who may have one or two foundational systems in place, but overall there are significant gaps in your business foundations.  You’re lacking the step-by-step plan on what to do first, what to do second, third etc. to build your business. You are disorganized, and you’re not working efficiently.

You absolutely love what you do, and are passionate and clear on your expertise, but you have no idea of the sequential order of creating a business.

The challenges you’re currently facing…

As a Manage Mary you’re very concerned with cash flow right now – you would love to be able to generate consistent income, and increase cash flow more quickly, without having to rely on family funds or 0% lines of credit.  The clients aren’t coming in as quickly as you’d like, and you need to have a system in place so that you can follow-up and nurture client relationships. This in turn would convert potential clients into paying clients, and so build your client base and generate the consistent cash flow that you are desperate for.

You are working long hours but are not seeing any results, and this is causing you stress and sleepless nights.

What your best next steps are…

Given these challenges, your primary focus needs to be on building the foundations for your business.  And this means putting in place the RIGHT systems in the RIGHT order to create your solid foundation.  Even though marketing your business is critical for your success, at this stage your marketing won’t be successful unless you first have your business foundations in place.

This means creating a Strategic Business Plan that provides you with a clear Big Picture Vision and Ideal Client Profile, and then working your plan consistently over a 90-day period so that you can begin to build your client base and so generate a consistent cash flow.

A Manage Mary is all about creating specific goals and then creating a plan to move towards your goals, along with the accountability you need to move your business forward quickly.

The Business Success Strategies products that will be perfect to take you to the next level…

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