As we head into the start of a new year, if you’re:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with getting your systems in place – Get More Clients System, Financial Management System, Business Planning System, just to name a few;
  • Stuck in “analysis paralysis” because you have so many ideas you don’t know where to start; or
  • Trying to stay on top of all the different moving parts; ezine, listbuilding, product launch, marketing system, financial stuff,

then take a minute right now to follow these quick and simple steps to ensure you start 2017 off on the right foot.

And the answer to all of this overwhelm and chaos you’re experiencing is really quite simple … you need a plan!

Listen, I know that many of you shy away from creating a strategic business plan. For some of you it’s simply a huge stumbling block. For others, you think having a plan makes you feel boxed in. In fact the very opposite is true.

When you do have a plan in place, you have a clear path to follow. And it changes your business and your life for the better.

You no longer feel overwhelmed and frustrated; instead you sit down at your desk easy day knowing exactly what you need to be focusing on that day.  That’s what planning does for you and your business.

So today, I’m going to share with you my top three simple steps so you can get your business started on the right track in 2017:

1. Be clear on the purpose of your business; why you’re setting it up and what results your services will deliver for your clients. This is also known as creating your Big Picture Vision.

Your Big Picture Vision consists of two key questions that you have to think really hard about and answer.

  • What is your PASSION?
  • What is your WHY?

When you put these two answers together you create your Big Picture Vision, and this is the framework that you build your business around.

2. Get clear on your ideal client – be really specific on who that person is. Creating an ideal client profile is a big sticking point for many business owners.  Without an ideal client profile marketing becomes hard, and your message becomes very general.

Many business owners are afraid to pick an ideal client profile for fear of limiting themselves in terms of not getting enough clients, but the opposite happens.  When your marketing and your message are very general you don’t really attract anyone because they can’t relate to what you’re offering … it doesn’t talk to them specifically and address their concerns, their issues, and their problems.

The clearer you are in identifying your ideal client, the clearer your message will be, and the easier your marketing will be … and you will attract your ideal clients and more of them.

Because you are talking specifically to them, when they come across your website/see you at a speaking gig etc. they can immediately say, that’s me!”. That’s the result you want your marketing messages to achieve.

3. Plan your activities in 90-day blocks of time. (I call these Marketing Action Plans (MAP).) Ninety days are perfect for creating a really focused, action-oriented plan.  It’s far enough ahead that you can create some long-term plans, but not so far ahead that you feel overwhelmed.

Your 90-day plans need to be specific and measurable, and identify who is going to do the work, if not you.  Plans should be:

  • Action oriented
  • Have specific tasks
  • Assigned deadlines

So if you don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a plan for your business, start with these three simple steps, and you’ll soon get your business on track.

Where are you struggling to create your MAP? Let me know in the comments below; I’d love to help.

(c) 2016 Tracey Lawton Training & Consulting LLC

Tracey LawtonAbout the author: Online Business Development Strategist, Tracey Lawton, teaches life coaches, business coaches, and virtual assistants how to become more organized, streamlined, and automated so that they don’t constantly bottleneck projects and processes. Having the right systems in place leads to consistent revenues, more clients, and less stress and overwhelm. Get your free Systems Checklist TODAY and see if you have all of your bases covered.