Client Success Stories

Suzanne Evans, Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC

“… to take my marketing mess and make it not only a message, but a blueprint.”

“Before working with Tracey my marketing strategy and follow up was hit or miss. She has the zen ability to take my marketing mess and make it not only a message, but a blueprint. Her systems, knowledge, and passion have enabled me to build a multiple six figure business by doing only what I love.”

Suzanne Evans

Alicia Forest, Client Abundance 

“… set up one simple system super-fast that added $400 to my bottom line…”

“Marveling how @OfficeQueen set up one simple system super-fast that added $400 to my bottom line and I didn’t do a single thing… ;-)” via Twitter

Alicia Forest
6-Figure Business Breakthrough Mentor


JJacki Opfermanacki Opferman, The Telesummit VA 

“…received 3 new clients…”

Before working with Tracey I didn’t have a clear vision on where my business was going. I wanted to grow but I didn’t know where or how I was going to accomplish that growth. Since working with Tracey I have a clearer vision; I now have the tools she taught me on how to completely organize what I want to do just by using her simple methods. Before I begin a new product, project or idea I refer to the tools she taught me.

Through our work together I was able to develop and realize what I really loved doing and turn that into a product; I got clear on what and how to begin a new project or product within in my business; and I actually created two products and never realized that they were truly there.

I have also created my new website as a result of the process she taught me; received 3 new clients specific to that niche; and I am enjoying what I love to do most.

Tracey was truly amazing how she brought something to the surface on what I have been trying for years to accomplish with my business. I never thought it was possible for me to have a product that I would enjoy and after just two calls with Tracey it emerged. I now have the same system that we used to work with future products in the future. Thanks to Tracey for her guidance, support and organization.

Jacki Opferman, Owner
The Telesummit VA
Charlotte, NC  and

Jennifer Hazlett, Business Support Specialist

“Within one week I had my first successful Strategy Session with a new client!”

Working with Tracey was the best step I took in taking my business to the next level.  With Tracey’s guidance and support and ‘yes you can‘ attitude I achieved more than I thought possible.  And I now have a system in place to repeat the process and create more products and programs.

Before joining the program I was feeling stuck.  I was at the bursting point struggling to continue to keep up with the work I needed to do to maintain my full practice providing business support to small businesses and make the time to create other streams of income.

Thanks to Tracey I have created my first paid product, I have determined how to repackage and streamline my services, and I have plans in place for my next new product and service offerings.

At the completion of the program I launched a new consulting service helping small businesses address their challenges.  Within one week I had my first successful Strategy Session with a new client!

Jennifer Hazlett
Business Support Specialist
Alternate Admin
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Maurine Patten, Coaching-Psychologist 

“I am thrilled with what we accomplished and know I can easily move forward. I feel fantastic about the time we spent together working on this!!”

My retreat topic with Tracey was to focus on developing an information product as well as think about my Signature System.

The night before the retreat I received an email packet from Tracey mapping out the steps we would cover. This immediately made me feel the outcome could be achieved. We covered all the steps with enough time for me to even begin the writing.

I am thrilled with what we accomplished and know I can easily move forward. I feel fantastic about the time we spent together working on this!!

I highly recommend Tracey’s services for outstanding results!

Maurine Patten, EdD, CMC
Patten Coaching & Consulting
St. Charles, IL

Marquesa Pettway, Professional Speaker 

Marquesa Pettway“…an organized and attainable marketing & events calendar for 2010.”

“Wow! My virtual retreat with Tracey really gave my business a facelift! I needed to organize my marketing calendar, outline items to delegate to my team, and improve my online systems – in a few hours Tracey made it happen.

At the end of our virtual retreat, I had an organized and attainable marketing & events calendar for 2010, specific action items for my team that free my time up, and specific steps for improving my online systems. I am so glad Tracey is my coach and I highly recommend her to any solo-prenuer that wants to improve their business and earn more income!”

Marquesa Pettway
Professional Speaker, Reinvention Expert & Speaker Coach

Suzanne Evans & Vickie Turley, Co-founders, The VA Blueprint

“Our ROI is amazing and we owe much of it to Tracey…”

“Before we started working with Tracey, we were struggling with getting everything accomplished in terms of marketing with The VA Blueprint. We had the know-how, we just didn’t have the time. We knew what we wanted to do but couldn’t seem to find the time to get it done. We also knew there were so many opportunities to be marketing – but we didn’t have the time to research who and why. Now that we’re working with Tracey, we now have a set marketing schedule we use. Tracey developed a wonderful spreadsheet of all the marketing activities. She has automated everything to the point that we don’t have to do anything. We know our marketing is being handled by a professional because of the response we’ve had. Our ROI is amazing and we owe much of it to Tracey and her ability to organize and bring a sense of semblance to our chaos. We wouldn’t be where we are now without Tracey’s efforts and we are so happy to have her on our team.”

Suzanne Evans & Vickie Turley

John Rattigan, The Property Investor PA

“…without your support and organisation this ezine would still be a ‘nice idea’ on my growing ‘To-Do’ list.”

“I just wanted to say how pleased I am at having reached this step Tracey. As you have probably gathered by now, its not so much the ability to do these things myself that is the problem (although you have added immense value without a doubt), its more a lack of time. It’s half term this week, I am working to a very tight deadline on a big project, AND inbetween times I’m trying to decorate my daughters bedroom……..yet my ezine still got launched and sent out on schedule and very professional it looks too! This is all down to you, as without your support and organisation this ezine would still be a ‘nice idea’ on my growing ‘To-Do’ list.

Thanks again Tracey and I look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship.”

John Rattigan

Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach 

“Tracey has such an air of calm, organisation and togetherness about her it is really quite something!”

“Before I started working with Tracey I was a bit nervous about delegation to say the least; it had never been my strong point, but that was to my detriment and I knew things had to change. Learning to trust someone to do work as well as “the boss” is, quite possibly, every entrepreneurs biggest fear – but it’s one we all need to overcome if our business is to grow and thrive. Choosing the right VA can be something of a lottery, and not always a gamble we want to take.

Having found Tracey I realised I needn’t have worried. Tracey has such an air of calm, organisation and togetherness about her it is really quite something! And her work for me – diverse and spanning over a year now – has been top notch. Not only that but Tracey has and continues to be extremely trustworthy, loyal and dedicated to her clients and their success and for that alone I am truly grateful. All these factors combined mean that Tracey is worth her weight in gold to me. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracey as a VA, for all of these reasons and more. I count myself very lucky that I found her when I did and look forward to many more years of close collaboration and mutual appreciation!”

Karen Knowler

Lori Boothroyd, Centered Living, PLLC 

“Now I have more time and energy to work with my clients and do what I love. Thank you Tracey!”

“Before I started working with Tracey, I was really swamped, disorganized and overwhelmed with the growth of my coaching practice. I didn’t have systems in place and I was spending precious time doing administrative work that drained and frustrated me. I’m so grateful I learned about Tracey! From the very beginning, she was kind, helpful and patient as she seamlessly stepped in as a partner in my business. She always makes timely and helpful suggestions, follows through quickly and efficiently and best of all, she always makes me smile. She is the “real-deal” and top notch as a virtual assistant! Now I have more time and energy to work with my clients and do what I love. Thank you, Tracey!”

Dr. Lori Gray Boothroyd,
Psychologist and Professional Coach Centered Living, PLLC

Jan Wallen, Selling Your Expertise LLC

Jan Wallen“Subscribers to my free ezine and eCourse have increased and continue to increase…”

“Tracey, before we began working together I wanted to streamline my work, expand my business, work with more clients, and easily track contacts, appointments and presentations I was doing. Also to keep my projects moving along and on deadline. You’ve helped me a great deal here!

Our weekly calls and the spreadsheets and documents you’ve created for me make it a great deal easier for me to manage people and projects. My business has grown tremendously, is still growing, and I’m sailing along smoothly with the growth. Subscribers to my free ezine and eCourse have increased and continue to increase, as have orders for my Turn What You Know into Cash Flow Now™ System products. More people are visiting my Web site, and I know it’s up-to-date. I know things are running smoothly, and I can accept new opportunities that fit my Vision, knowing that everything will continue to run smoothly.”

Jan Wallen,
Selling Your Expertise LLC

Brooke E. 

“Tracey is dependable, trustworthy, on the ball and will take care of your every need. She has freed me up to do the work that I am brilliant at.She is amazing, organized, and a joy to work with.”

Jessica Albon, The Write Exposure 

“Before I hired you, Tracey, I was a bit of an unbeliever. I mean, really, how could someone in OHIO take care of a project for me? Here I am in North Carolina, and you’re like fifteen hours away. But, I had this killer project that I’d been putting off for six months. And, I figured it couldn’t hurt anything to see if you could handle it. The problem was, I didn’t have a lot of time to tell you what I needed done. And, let’s face it, like most entrepreneurs, I don’t like explaining myself more than once. In fact, I’m probably one of the most impatient people around. And I definitely didn’t look forward to the idea of you asking a lot of questions, or coming back again and again not understanding what I was looking for. So, I was prepared for the experience to be a long, slow slog.

Now that the project’s done, I see how wrong I was. You were an absolute delight to work with. You asked a minimum of really direct questions that I could answer easily. When I didn’t know something, you knew exactly the right course to take. You made great recommendations, adding things to the database that it had never dawned on me to include. Now that the database is finished, I realize, not only was it a project that would have been a nightmare for me to do myself, but the database I would have created would have cost me hundreds of hours, not just to create in the first place, but to keep up, and to USE. So, you’ve easily saved me thousands of dollars worth of time. And, you made the process so easy, so, dare I say it, ENJOYABLE, that I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Tracey, you’re personable, dedicated, and easy-to-work with. And, you got the job done in less time than you said you’d need. You know your stuff, and I can see now that not hiring you would have been an enormous mistake. Thank you, Tracey! It’s been such a pleasure!”

Vikki G. Brock, Call Me Coach 

“Tracey was referred to me for interview transcription services, which were provided at a reasonable cost for excellent quality work. As my project is very large, she also took the initiative connect me with other qualified transcriptionists. I am so satisfied I am considering using Tracey for other business support. I am one happy customer!”

Jo Parfitt, Summertime Publishing 

“Working with Tracey is a constant reminder of how small the world is, and that when you find a good assistant there is no reason not to keep working with them, wherever they may live. Now I can take Tracey with me, wherever I may go.”

Summertime Publishing

“Extremely professional in both quality of work, value, responsiveness and meeting deadlines.”

Brian Decker

“Tracey completed some spreadsheets for me to interlink my Pilot, Airframe and Engine Technical Log Books. The task was reasonably complex and difficult to explain but Tracey quickly grasped what was required and completed the work in a few days. I am extremely pleased with her personal services and have no doubts about recommending Tracey for future work.”

Geoff Wright,
UK Pilot

“It’s rare to find a perfect combination of product quality, service quality, relationship, and price. Tracey Lawton presents this combination in her business. It’s a pleasure doing business with her, and we will use her for as long as I’m president of this organization.”

Tom Willis,
President National Charleston Day Organization

“Tracey provided fast, excellent service at a reasonable cost. She also returned our project well before deadline.”

(Client wished to remain anonymous)

“As Senior Administrator to the project, it was my task to find companies who could process a significant amount of recorded hours per week. A great deal of our work requires very short turnaround times and a high degree of accuracy. Upon contacting Tracey, I was impressed with her professional approach and quick response to any queries that I had. I was also reassured by the high level of confidentiality offered as this was essential to the nature of our work. Tracey has provided an excellent level of service with extremely accurate transcripts, some of which were recorded in less than perfect circumstances. Return times have always been exceptional with flexibility to suit our active fieldwork team. I look forward to my continuing work with Tracey over the coming months and would highly recommend her company to anyone requiring transcription services.”

Amanda Owen-Meehan
Senior Administrator National Evaluation of The Children’s Fund

“I am extremely pleased with the work you have done – you have fully understood my requirements, done as you have been asked, found solutions to problems I did not know how to solve, asked questions on items I did not point out, produced a fully working excel spreadsheet within the deadline I asked for and charged within the price you quoted.”

Michael Main Independent Professional

“I’d really like to thank you for all you’ve done in keeping us on track with this several million pound spend even at a distance of several thousand miles. The systems you set up really have worked well and saved us all the problems that seem to be besetting the other large project schemes.”

Geoff Bateson, Partnership Manager
Birmingham Core Skills Development Partnership

“Can I take this opportunity to thank you for the very efficient and friendly way you undertook this work which allowed for all members of staff to feel comfortable whilst providing you with all the necessary information. The draft policy is precisely what is required to allow me to now take this work forward.”

Janice Wilcox,
Registrar Fircroft College of Adult Education