The month of January has just flown by — I feel we were just celebrating Christmas and poof! it’s the end of January!

One of the reasons I think is that (as well as a trip to San Diego) I’ve been knee-deep in a client’s launch campaign for one of her online training programs.

We’ve also been testing several different marketing strategies too to see what works best.

That’s one of the big advantages of an online business … if something isn’t working out as you’d hoped, you can easily course-correct.

This is some of my favorite work to do, and I love to help my clients figure out the system they need to get set up to make a launch campaign run smoothly.

So, as you’re busy planning out your next big launch, keep these three stages in mind:

  • Pre-launch: this is where you do all the major planning and strategizing and usually takes several weeks.
  • Launch: this is where you launch your event/program and is a relatively short time-frame.
  • Post-launch: once the initial launch phase is over, you want to ensure that you continue to get more sales, especially if it’s for a product that will be available over the long-term.

You can read more about these different stages here.

And, as always, if you have questions or comments please post below.